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Downward Cats

River Kitty Cat Cafe combines kitties and yoga
Yoga instructor Brooke Armbruster

I had closed my eyes, centered my breath, and prepared to begin my yoga practice when I felt something fluffy brush my leg followed by a scratchy lick on my big toe. I opened my eyes and Tulip the cat was contentedly sitting on my mat unfazed by the nine people in the room trying to get their zen on.

The Scoop: The yoga class was one offered at River Kitty Cat Cafe, located at 226 Main St. in Downtown Evansville, and the first in a series of classes held at 6 p.m. every other Wednesday and 9 a.m. on Sundays. On Wednesdays the yoga is a lighthearted hatha class that includes a beverage afterward while the Sunday sessions are more meditative — but both days offer the added bonus of furry friends roaming throughout the class.

“The fun thing about the cat yoga and other specialty classes is it makes it a lot more accessible, fun, easygoing. There’s not as much pressure,” says yoga instructor Brooke Armbruster. “If you want to pet a cat, pet a cat.”

During the class, I couldn’t resist dropping out of downward dog a few times to pet a cute kitty strolling by, and I wasn’t the only one during the practice who paused for some feline fun. The cats especially loved playing with my long ponytail anytime I was in a downward position.

The Verdict: Yoga and cats individually are both great, but put them together and it’s even better. I left with an uplifted mind, body, and spirit and feeling a little more like my furry friends — curious, adventurous, and playful.

“We all need some fun in our lives,” says River Kitty Cat Cafe co-owner Annette Gries. “This is just lighthearted. It’s whimsical. It’s fun.”

Wednesday sessions cost $20 and include a beverage of your choice, and Sunday sessions cost $15. Get class times and tickets on River Kitty Cat Cafe's Facebook page or on eventbrite.com


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